August 2019

Greetings again in the name of our marvelous Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ!
This month’s ponderings had me pondering on all the “stuff” that I could be writing about. There is so much to share and so much that you might want to know about your new pastor, that I was stuck.
This morning, July 18, during my devotions, I think an answer came. What follows was this morning’s prayer:
“ O God, the sure defense of all who trust in Thee, we beseech Thee to give us and all who belong to us contented and trustful hearts, that, casting all our care on Thee, and bearing all our trials cheerfully, we may be united to Thee in Thy love here, and finally by Thy mercy ob-tain that eternal life which Thou hast promised to those who trust in Thee through Christ our Saviour. Amen.”
It is an anonymous prayer, but I think it is powerful and certainly worth repeating. So, my pondering today is about prayer. You will probably hear at least two sermons a year on it from the pulpit, and you may hear a sermon on prayer just in conversation if I get carried away. I al-ways consider prayer to be an amazing and precious gift to us from the Holy Spirit. No group of people in the history of the world has the privilege that we enjoy as Christians. Before Pentecost, a few Jews were privileged to talk with God, but common folk had to go through priests. No other faith had or has access to God like we do! It is a tre-mendous gift, but one that I often feel we take too lightly. I have occa-sionally been in churches where the “prayer” segment of worship was the time for the choir to get in position, or for the band to take their places, or for someone to slip out of the congregation. The issue for me is this: We are calling out to the King of the Universe, the Lord of all cre-ation, the God above all gods. How rude, it seems to me, to be using that time to advance the day’s program or take a bathroom break. Here is what I ask of you all. If you are walking in on a room, and realize that people are praying, stop in your tracks. Wait until the prayer is over, then continue. Please give the Lord of the Universe your full at-tention whenever we pray. Other things will wait.
Yes, I’ll admit that it may be a “pet peeve”, but we all have them and this is one of mine. So, of all the things I could have written about, and what you may have wondered about me, prayer seemed like a good topic. I hope you will agree with me to keep prayer as a high privilege and sacred occasion.
May the great God of the universe continue to bless you and keep you under his wing. In His service, Pastor Brian