October 2019

Pastor’s Pondering Fall’s here, school has started, wardrobes are changing, and Christmas is like,… right around the corner. That’s kinda what it might feel like, especially if you’ve got children, or grandchildren in your life. For the staff, here at Glossbrenner, we are already discussing the Christmas programs. It has begun! Hold that thought. Yesterday, Matthew and I were talking about how both of us just had a busy run of weeks that just didn’t seem to end. While talking about missing our “Sabbath rest”, he commented that that topic would make for a good sermon. I totally agree. The thing is, my sermon topics are lined out through Christmas. But now, moving into Christmas, is exactly the time we all need to remember the Sabbath rest! We are getting ready to welcome the Christ Child once more, to remember the outrageous gift of himself that Jesus gave to us, to reflect on the eternal gift that so many ignore, once more, at Christmas. We can do all that, or we can get caught up in the crazy cultural business of parties, gifts, obligatory socials, school events, relatives, etc., etc., etc. Don’t forget the Christmas Cards! Sabbath rest. It is a great gift from God that compels us to stop. Stop. Just stop. God says go ahead, work your tail off six days of the week if you want to, need to, or think you have to. But one day out of seven, stop. The author Marva Dawn says for her, the Sabbath is “a day without a watch”. Think about it. One day out of the week where time is not in command, schedules do not dictate, and you honor the real Commander and the Benevolent Dictator, Jesus the Christ. What? You think Sabbath rest is a punishment? Remember that every Sabbath is a gift from God, meant for us to restore, reboot, refresh. (C’mon, even your computer needs to do that, and you are infinitely more valuable!) I certainly plan to deliver more than one sermon on the Sabbath Rest in the future, but with Christmas “next week”, I wanted to share those ponderings with you. May your days be merry and bight, and may all your Sabbath rests be a delight. In His service… Pastor Brian