August 2020

Greetings to you all again in the precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ!
This morning I was reflecting on our Bible Study and how Greek words are more expressive and precise than some English words that appear in translation. That got me pondering on languages. How many languages do you speak? You may be surprised to find that you speak more languages than you think you do.
If you can read or play music, then you know another language. Anyone from around the world, that reads music, could play with you. Music is a universal language. Baby talk is another language. We use words and expressions for babies that we would be mortified if we used for adults. (I have never been good at Baby Speech.) People in love also have a language all their own; some with words, some with gestures, and often with knowing glances. Doctors have been known to use a language that is unintelligible to normal folks. And let’s not even start on politicians! Carpenters know what an “inch and a quart” means. They know the difference between the Head Shed and Suits and Sparkies, Tin Tappers and Wood Butchers. Most professions speak their own language.
We have some of that in church too. I remember one lecture when Dr. Kaiser said he was bilingual. He was proficient in both English and King James. Are you? If so, you’re probably at least as old as me. It is helpful to speak different languages. It broadens your world, opens up new understandings, teaches you to think in different ways. For us, there is another universal language besides music that all Christians must be fluent in. This is not an option. We need to speak in Love to everyone we meet. No kidding. Whether in words, gestures, looks, attitudes, whatever; we need to communicate in Love. It is a strange, foreign language to many people. It doesn’t translate well to greedy, self-centered folks. They don’t understand it, but we must keep trying to teach them the Love language. It is the primary language of our Boss. Let’s challenge ourselves to speak like Jesus, communicate in Love and see how surprised the world around us is. Don’t get frustrated. Thinking and speaking exclusively in a new language takes time and effort. We can do it! We’ve got the Holy Spirit on our side! Love ya!
In His Service, Pastor Brian