July 2020

Greetings once more in the precious name of Jesus our Lord and Savior. This month’s ponderings have recently taken an unusual twist, so I will get right to the issue at hand.
I received a certified letter in the mail at church. Inside was a letter from a lawyer informing us that we have been gifted $500,000 (US) for our next missionary venture. Now, I’m asking for help as we sort out what God wants us to do with the money. How should we spend $500,000 on missionary work? Please prayerfully consider what God is doing in the world and how we can be a part of His work in a new or more meaningful way. What shall we do with this new resource?
I hope you took a minute to think of a response. Our answers could be very telling about who we are and where we feel called. Now, however, I must be honest with you. We did not get that letter, but the question really is: “What would we do if we did get $500,000?” Please forgive my subterfuge, but let me explain. I am reading a book on financial stewardship. This is the sequel to Not Your Parents Offering Plate. I know some of you have read that book, and I believe he raised a similar question then. When we were doing city ministry in Lebanon, I actually did have a man walk into my office and give me $1,000 cash. He said he had given enough to his home church, knew the work we were doing and wanted to contribute. We knew exactly how to spend that money. Would we? Another way of saying the similar thing might be “What ministry would we do if money were not an obstacle?”
God has been blessing Glossbrenner with a season of growth, even with the virus interruption. As we get back in stride, I anticipate more blessings from God. I know (and you should too) that new situations call for new approaches. I am about to start my second year as your pastor. Look at what God has done over the last twelve months! I am confident that if we keep our focus on God, that even more remarkable things will occur in the next twelve months. Please join me in prayer for a vision that will carry Glossbrenner into the next five years and maybe beyond. Where is God leading us? What do we need to do? He will provide all that we need.
Have a blessed summer,…in His service, Pastor Brian