February 2021

My friends, I greet you once more in the precious name of Jesus
our Lord. May our God of grace continue to illuminate your days
and bring peace to your nights.
Someone said “If you can remain calm when others panic; if you
are capable of unshaken peace when others are worried, then
perhaps… you don’t know what’s going on.” Perhaps you have
heard this: “If ignorance is bliss, then I know some of the happiest
people on earth.”
Seriously, why are some of us calm when others panic? Is it because
we don’t know what’s going on, or because we do? I don’t
know what’s really happening in politics. I’d wager that you don’t
either. How much of national and world news is true? How far
have the spin doctors “adjusted” the story? Sometimes I forget
that the news media is about advertising dollars and market
shares. That’s not a conspiracy theory. Wasn’t it the 1970’s that TV
news broadcasts came under Neilson ratings? Market driven
newscasts filter what is “newsworthy” to satisfy their audiences;
liberal and conservative. Ratings speak volumes.
So, if news is filtered, how can we know what’s true? Well, some of
us have our own filter. It is called the Holy Bible and it makes sense
by the illumination of the Holy Spirit. Critics call that notion “folksy
ancient mythology”. OK. Everyone has a right to their own opinion
in America, at least for now. News says the world may be going to
“hell in a handbasket”. Is that true? Our filter says the issue is not if,
but when. Yes, democracy will fail, a totalitarian government will
dominate. The whole world will come under one government, one
monetary system, one world order. Shocked? Not if you read your
Bible. Not if, but when. Still calm and collected? Should be. God’s
on the throne. His story is unfolding as it should. We can be calm
when others panic. We can have peace when others worry. It’s
because we do know what’s going on. We can be happy. It’s not
ignorance, it’s illumination. The culture doesn’t get it. Scripture
says that they can’t. They are blind guides. It would be like criticizing
an unsighted person for not appreciating a sunset. They are
incapable of seeing. It’s all in Scripture, but why bring it up now?

Well, this is February; a gray month with more isolation, political maneuvering, international threats. Yeah, pretty much business as usual, only colder and maybe snowy. It might seem de-pressing. Please keep your eyes on the mark, the prize set before us! If we keep our faith strong, God promises to supply all that we need. We have a future before us that is indescribably greater, more brilliant, more lasting than anything this world can offer. Don’t give up! Don’t ever give up believing. We win! (I peeked at the back of the book.) Smile!
May the Holy Spirit illuminate your days and grant you peaceful nights. We are children of the Heavenly Father. Keep that song in your heart and that smile on your face, because we know.
In His Service, Pastor Brian