May 2021

Greetings in the name of our Victorious Risen Savior! May the Holy Spirit of God fill your sails and propel you forward to great things for God. Here we are, moving through another season. I don’t mean Spring or Summer. Spring was March 20th and Summer is June 20. No, I mean another COVID Season. Remember a year ago? We thought there would be a several weeks lock down and then we could resume life. Certainly, things would be normal by summer. We planned Vacation Bible School. Then when it continued into the summer season, we thought, well, hopefully we can get back to normal by the start of the school year. After that season failed, we were hoping that Christmas would be whatever normal was supposed to be. Failed again. Easter? Sort of, but certainly not what anyone knew before. What started out to be a few weeks morphed, with government guidance, into over a year, and we are not done yet. That is the new season that I am writing about. It is almost hard to remember all the changes Glossbrenner went through in thirteen months. I would be surprised if more than three or four people could recite all the changes. Don’t forget all the financial changes! Now, we are in another season. A year ago, we had no internet presence. Now, on a weekly basis, more people worship with us online than in person. Beginning in May, Loine is coming back, so we will have organ music again. Can a choir be far behind? Changes continue to happen with every living organism. Glossbrenner is alive with hope, energy, and expectations. “Not all changes are embraced by everybody,” said Captain Obvious. We try to judge if things are good or bad, but that often means “I like it or I don’t like it”. I am going to ask you, for a moment, to forget about what you like or don’t like. Ask yourself, “What is the best course for Glossbrenner to set, to advance the kingdom, to reach new people, and grow into the coming years?” This new season of life at Glossbrenner is in one way like every other season. In and out of “Season” we are to be about God’s business. Our likes and dislikes are secondary to the Master’s will. Pray for the leadership that God’s will be done. Pray that we have the courage to lead through stormy seas. God has promised us a safe harbor. We were never promised smooth sailing. FAITH (Fantastic Adventure In Trusting Him) will see us through.

In His Service, your shipmate, Pastor Brian