June 2021

Greetings in the name of our Lord and savior, Jesus the Christ. As we move into the summer season there will be a slowing down of some things and a speeding up of others. Every season has these movements. I feel blessed to be in an area that has seasons. When I lived in Georgia, there were two seasons; hot and hotter. This is much nicer.
This Spring, I saw a rapid return to life. Our maple leaf buds were popping out every day. I still mow my lawn, and once a week just wasn’t enough. Now, the growth is starting to slow down. The leaves are out and the days are longer. Well, things are changing.
Things are changing here at Glossbrenner also. After a fourteen-month Winter of Covid, the spring thaw is coming on strong, some things are changing rapidly, but soon the summer will be on us as well, and things will seem to slow down a bit. As your pastor, there were decisions that had to be made in response to Covid issues. We had to innovate and adopt measures for the continuity of church, often where there were no respectable guidelines or precedencies. I will be getting less involved in these decisions, as committees are meeting and discussing. Things may take longer to get done, be-cause one committee may realize that they need to discuss some-thing with another committee before they can act. There you go. There may be a summer slowdown like we see in nature. The good news is that we are living into the new normal that we were waiting for since 2020. Is the new normal going to be better or worse than the old normal? A lot of that depends on you. Do you talk with God a lot? When you do, do you spend more time asking for things or ask-ing how you should serve him? Do you pray for worship to be about your comfort zone or are you willing to get out of your comfort zone if it will introduce more people to God? How much time we spend seeking God’s will and having the courage to pursue it, I believe with all my heart, will determine if God continues to bless us for the next two years like he has blessed us for the last two years. Are we still truly grateful for the blessings we receive? When we get used to blessings, we stop saying thank you. Did you ever notice that? Bring snacks to a meeting and everybody says thank you. Bring snacks to every meeting and people will start telling what to bring. We get used to good things and we stop saying thank you. I think that’s when God stops sending so many good things. No-one, not even God, likes to be taken for granted. The summer will see things slowing down. Don’t let your guard down. Keep your eyes on God. Strive, as Paul wrote, for the prize. Keep Him first and He will bless you. When the next sea-son of change comes, we will all be ready.
For now, enjoy the summer fun!

In His service – Pastor Brian