August 2021

Brothers and sisters, I greet you once more in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. As the year rolls on, may your blessings multiply. This month, my ponderings go to Leadership. We all know how Jesus took a mixed bag of disciples, all of whom would have been rejected by the Board of Ordained Ministry, and crafted them into world changing evangelists! Understand that I am not picking on the Board of Ordained Ministry. Anyone of us would have thought Jesus could do better. The point is that Jesus saw their potential. He instructed them, challenged them, re-buked them, grew them until they were ready for graduation from Rabbi Jesus’ school. They lacked one thing. When the Holy Spirit of God infused them with power and wisdom, they… well, you know what they did. There is an old saying that “God doesn’t call the qualified. He qualifies the called.” I personally know that to be true. I have no pastoral pedigree in my family tree. I had plenty of reasons to feel unqualified for the job. Yet, when God called, I said yes. It didn’t change the world, but it sure changed my world. How could I do otherwise? A very wise person (not me) once said that if Jesus is your Lord and Master, how could anyone say “No” to their master? You see, the moment that we declare our will over His, we declare that he is not our Lord. He is not our Master if we willfully re-fuse to do his bidding.
So how does this tie into Leadership? In any organized effort, there are people who are the basic workers, people who manage the workers, and leaders who do something quite different. Managers are important because they organize workers and facilitate communication. Everybody needs a team of good, qualified managers. However, good managers do not all make good leaders. Leadership is a quality, a gift that many possess, but few develop. It requires a willingness to take risks, to try new things, to venture into uncharted territory. Good leaders have a history of making qualified choices when there are no manuals to consult.

With the Great Reset in motion, with a potential change in the United Methodist Church, and with internet expansion and missional concerns, we need to develop leaders who can and will take the risks needed to advance God’s kingdom, now and into our future. Few people still think that we can do business as usual and see success. The time to cultivate leaders is now. Please make this prayer part of your daily prayers: “God give us the young people who have the potential to lead your church into unknown territory. Call them, qualify them, infuse their being with power from the Holy Spirit, and give us the courage to follow them.”
God has great plans for his church. God sees the potential that many of us deny. May we be encouraging, prayerful, welcoming and receptive to the many things God is already doing in our midst. God give us eyes to see and ears to hear.

In His service- Pastor Brian