November 2021

As God draws us closer to the end of 2021, I greet you once again in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, who works all things together for good to those who love him. Amen!

November; the ninth month of the year. (Well, it is according to the Roman calendar from which the month gets its name. Nine is “Novem” in Latin. The name stuck.) Maybe I should start over. November; a month of big and small special days. The 1st starts it with All Saints Day. Did you know that the 2nd is All Souls Day, when we are praying for all the rest of us who think we are not saints? Speaking of people who aren’t saints, November 2 is also Election Day. Just saying. November 1st is also National Vegan Day, followed by November 3rd which is National Sandwich Day, and the 1st Thursday in November is National Men Make Dinner Day. Men, you can combine all three by making PBJ’s! Just saying.

Of course, there are other special days that we take seriously, besides All Saints Day. Where would we be without the Veterans, who each gave parts of their lives to serve our country? Originally called Armistice
Day, it is always November 11, when WWI officially ended on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918. It would be well for us to remember that freedom isn’t free. November 25th and 26th are days I can never quite justify. On Thanksgiving Day, we pause and thank God that he has blessed us beyond measure in so many ways and with so many things. Then the next day, we go out and spend tons of money on things. But that is America.

So as this month rolls on, please remember that each day is an opportunity to thank God in word and deed. Our Country Fair and Market will need people to serve those being served. Thank God for willing workers.
November 13th is the Service of Remembrance for loved ones who’ve gone to Jesus. Thank God for his grace. November 14 is our Planning Day. Thank God for hope in the new year, and for the souls who work so
hard to do God’s will. And November 28th will be the first Sunday in Advent, where we thank God for the greatest gift God gave us, himself, and we anticipate the consummation when he returns for his people!
Halleluiah, what a cause for thanksgiving!

Maybe the 9th (or the 11th) month should just be a Month of Thanksgivings. God knows we have plenty of reason to be thankful. I hope we remember that. Who knows, could 30 days of thanking God be habit
forming? That’s one more reason for Thanksgiving!

In His Service – Pastor Brian