October 2022

Last month I mentioned something about leadership. As Glossbrenner moves into its
new era among other churches, we will need to do more than change our name.
There will have to be a renewed focus on sharing our faith, finding followers and turning them into disciples. That has been our primary task since Jesus spoke it. With this coming Charge Conference will come another change of leadership. We will need to find willing workers to do
the tasks we already have. Also, unless I am gravely mistaken, that we will need new leaders emerging to take on new roles. The operative word is LEADERSHIP.

Last month I quoted a church growth author who cited four essential qualities of a leader. A church leader should attend regularly to the worship of God. A church leader should engage in the ministry within the church. A church leader should engage in ministry outside the
church. And finally, a church leader should tithe. If you are new to leadership, this may be something you have to build up to, but if you have been a leader for any length of time, this should be obvious.

Here are some other thoughts on leadership: *Keep growing. God is not so much interested in your perfection as a leader, as he is in your direction as a servant of Christ. *God tends to use those closest to him. *Everybody wants a harvest, but few want to plow. * Pray for a good harvest, but continue to hoe. *Performance speaks louder than words.

We need willing workers. We need leaders and we need to cultivate leaders. I implore you, for the sake of your church, ask God how you can be used for his glory. Someone said that most of God’s trouble with laborers in his vineyard is absenteeism.

As your current Pastor, I lead the committee that finds workers for the coming years. I pray that you would be wiling to say yes if you are called on. He is your king. Will you work for him? The church is his bride. Will you work for her? I continue…
… In His Service, Pastor Brian

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