December 2022

Greetings in the name of our wonderful God and savior. The angels declared “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth, peace among the men and women with whom he is pleased.” My prayer is the you may always respond “Yes, Lord Jesus.
Thank you!”
Today, I am pondering about traps. So many people casually fall into the trap that we are starting the Christmas Season. Surrounded by the advertisers who push sales and great deals, one might think that Christmas season was the time to buy “stuff”, lots of “stuff”. I think it is ironic that the people who started the celebration (Christians) have been replaced by the people who reject the concept; hence the Holiday Season. But, that’s ok.
In our group prayer meeting last week, we talked about how God is spirit and truth, and
that those who worship him must do so in spirit and in truth. We must still worship God in spirit and in truth, through this season of shopping, etc. God knows your heart. Please be mindful that your shopping, baking, eating, get togethers, are all a privileged gift from God. In the epistle to Philippi, Paul encouraged his flock to “do everything without grumbling or arguing” (Phil. 2:14) So,… let the person cut in front of you without complaining. Prices are high. Buy it or don’t, but do so without grumbling. Smile and control your spirit as your obnoxious relative shares his insights, without arguing. In that same epistle, Paul wrote “Whatever is true,… honorable,…right,…pure,…lovely,…of good repute,… excellent,… worthy of praise, dwell on these things. That’s a good
place to dwell.
We are entering Advent Season. We prepare once more to celebrate the first appearance of Jesus on earth and we anticipate His second coming. Through all the hype and pressure of the culture around us, I pray that we make a sincere effort to keep our eyes on Jesus. Discipline your mind to the greater things in life. May your smile be sincere and your heart be glad. Then we all can truly celebrate a Merry Christmas!
In His Service – Pastor Brian

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