May 2023

Greetings in the name of our Lord and wonderful savior, Jesus Christ. I
pray that God continues to put joy in your heart and a smile on your
Recently, I read an article in a newspaper, which relates quite well to
church life. It was titled “Be Your Best: Dinner Party Guest.” It starts
with “The host or hostess put considerable time, effort, and money
into hosting you. Return the kindness by being the best guest ever,
starting with sending your RSVP promptly and
letting the host know about any food allergies.
Then do the following.” The article goes on to
talk about being on time, lending a hand,
turning off your phone, and showing gratitude.
I thought it sad that there was a need for an article about Good
Graces, but then I remembered what century I am in. More to the
point, (I hope you will agree with me) that while this was written for a
secular audience, it is true of a Christian congregation as well. Whoever is hosting an event, with or without food, has put a considerable
amount of time, effort and money into hosting it. Over the years, I
have noticed a growing number of people who just don’t take the
time to RSVP. If this is a first-time event, it is truly impossible the guess
the number of people to prepare for. Besides being unnecessary,
please admit that it is just plain rude.
With the coming seasons of change, we are talking about having
more dinners, more fellowship events, and more ways for our people
to connect with those outside the church. This means that the lay
folks need to help out. One great way to help is by being a great
guest. Be on time, be gracious, lend a hand, turn off your phone,
show gratitude, and please RSVP.
In His Service… Pastor Brian

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