May 2021

Greetings in the name of our Victorious Risen Savior! May the Holy Spirit of God fill your sails and propel you forward to great things for God. Here we are, moving through another season. I don’t mean Spring or Summer. Spring was March 20th and Summer is June 20. No, I mean another COVID Season. Remember a year ago? We thought there would be a several weeks lock down and then we could resume life. Certainly, things would be normal by summer. We planned Vacation Bible School. Then when it continued into the summer season, we thought, well, hopefully we can get back to normal by the start of the school year. After that season failed, we were hoping that Christmas would be whatever normal was supposed to be. Failed again. Easter? Sort of, but certainly not what anyone knew before. What started out to be a few weeks morphed, with government guidance, into over a year, and we are not done yet. That is the new season that I am writing about. It is almost hard to remember all the changes Glossbrenner went through in thirteen months. I would be surprised if more than three or four people could recite all the changes. Don’t forget all the financial changes! Now, we are in another season. A year ago, we had no internet presence. Now, on a weekly basis, more people worship with us online than in person. Beginning in May, Loine is coming back, so we will have organ music again. Can a choir be far behind? Changes continue to happen with every living organism. Glossbrenner is alive with hope, energy, and expectations. “Not all changes are embraced by everybody,” said Captain Obvious. We try to judge if things are good or bad, but that often means “I like it or I don’t like it”. I am going to ask you, for a moment, to forget about what you like or don’t like. Ask yourself, “What is the best course for Glossbrenner to set, to advance the kingdom, to reach new people, and grow into the coming years?” This new season of life at Glossbrenner is in one way like every other season. In and out of “Season” we are to be about God’s business. Our likes and dislikes are secondary to the Master’s will. Pray for the leadership that God’s will be done. Pray that we have the courage to lead through stormy seas. God has promised us a safe harbor. We were never promised smooth sailing. FAITH (Fantastic Adventure In Trusting Him) will see us through.

In His Service, your shipmate, Pastor Brian

April 2021

Greetings once more in the precious name of Jesus our savior. After last month’s “punny” Pastor’s Ponderings, someone suggested that I stick to my day job. Point taken.
Trying to look ahead is literally an exercise in guessing. A year ago, I thought the China bug would crawl away and we could get back to normal by, what, Summer? Summer maybe, but which year? I’m now hoping for 2021, but I’m not taking any bets on ever seeing nor-mal again. There was an old Greek guy named Heraclitus. He said “You can never dip your foot in the same river twice.” You see, by the time you dip your foot in the Susquehanna the second time, the river has changed. It’s true for Glossbrenner, too. Besides the many physical improvements, the chemistry of worship has changed. Last March we saw close to 140 people live in worship on Sunday mornings. Now, with people in live worship, plus Livestreaming and YouTube, we are reaching more! I averaged the last five weeks and the weekly attendance was at least 168. (I say at least, because for every YouTube hit, there may be two or more people watching.) Our weekly outreach may be over 190! We are blessed to have developed an internet congregation. We take this privilege and responsibility very seriously as we continue to work at improving their experience of worship. If you have been with us this last year, you have seen other changes. I truly wonder if it ever could go back. Society has seen radical changes, too. (Today, I walked into Papas Pizza and I forgot my mask. I felt like a leper with every accusing eye on me. Weird!) If you have been hearing me lately, you know that it is only the beginning of weird. God, family and community are un-der attack and Satan is leading the charge. The wolf always tries to separate people. It makes for easy prey. In the Army, we used to say “Pray for peace but prepare for war.” Spiritual war is coming hard to America and we need to prepare. Read again from Ephesians 6. Start at verse 10. God’s armor is Truth, Righteousness, Preparation of the Gospel of Peace, Faith, Salvation, the Word of God; all bathed in prayer. Remember who commands us and Rejoice in our Commander always. Again, I say rejoice. There will be hardships and sorrows, but we will also love, laugh and rejoice. We will grow. This life is only a test. Be strong and courageous. The Lord our God is with us wherever we go.
In His service – Pastor Brian

March 2021

From just one of God’s servants to all of you in our small part of the world, Greetings! May the grace of God Almighty bless your comings and your goings. May the Holy Spirit continue to fill your sails and carry you forward.

March is a peculiar month for me. It is, as you know, the only month that contains the order to move out; March 4th. As a matter of fact, March fourth is actually, officially National Do Something Day. (Who comes up with this?) Be sure to mail early and mail often. For the entire month, a brief internet search garnered twenty five March Month Specials. Starting from the more serious to not so much; National Brain Tumor Awareness, National Colon Cancer Awareness (I was aware the nation had a cancer, but I
wasn’t sure where.) March is Women’s History Month, Youth Art Month, National Craft Month, National Celery Month and Mustache Month (for you Air Force types).
March is a month of continued cold and more snow no doubt. It comes with the territory, so I’m not complaining, just observing. But, the days are getting longer, there will be more warmer temperatures, and we will soon be looking for crocuses. Spring is on the way and it won’t be long until you can complain about the heat (if you are into that sort of thing). You
may be wondering if there is a point to this pondering. Well, there sort of is a point. March is not particularly my favorite month, but it does some crucial things in transition. It speaks of changes, new growth, brighter and longer days, and hopefully better days. It is the harbinger of Easter this year, and for that I thank March.

So buck up everybody! Hold on for one more month and Spring will spring! Remember that when one door closes another one opens. (That’s a good thing unless you are talking about a car.) If you have to suffer from March Madness, make sure you don’t hurt anyone, ok? If you need a pick me up, here: What March flower grows on your face? (Tulips). What falls a lot in March but never gets hurt? (Rain). What can you see in the middle of April and March, but you can’t see at either end? (the letter “r”). What is Irish and comes out during March? (Paddy O’Furniture). All right, you are on your own. Enjoy the month! Remember that almost all of the days in March do not belong to the 2021 calendar year. No. They don’t, they are Lent.

Love ya, Pastor Brian