Amber and Catalin Dragu

Amber and Catalin Dragu are missionaries in Romania. We found out about Amber from a church member and we have agreed to sponsor their ministry for a year. We spent about an hour with them and hear about their work, see a presentation, ask questions and got know them. For more about her ministry, go to

In November we had a visit from Amber and Catalin Dragu who spoke at length about their mission in Romania, helping children have hope for a better future and a life knowing Christ. They are part of Outstretched Hands of Romania. Amber sent us names of 21 girls and boys from 4 to 21 years of age (see list below). Several church members are selecting or creating valentine cards with a message addressed to each child. We anticipate we will continue our correspondence. If you are interested in participating please contact Barb Miley or Cindy Forry.
If you are interested in making a personal donation to assist them with their mission, please visit and click “Donate Now”, also indicate the funds are for Amber & Catalin Dragu.
There is a Facebook page for this mission effort.
GIRLS: Ana – 4, Eva – 6, Roxi – 7, Gabita – 8, Maria – 10, Stefania N. – 10, Flori – 11, Lorena – 12, Regina – 12,
Danela – 14, Stefania M. – 14, Andrea – 21
BOYS: Dorin – 5, Vasile – 5, George – 6, Timote – 6, Andrei Nicolas – 9, Stefan – 9, Vasile D. – 15, Cosmin – 16, Cosmin Zainea – 16

Dragu Family Updates

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