2020 Technology Upgrades

2020 Sound, Light and Media Year in Review


I know 2020 has been a very trying year for everyone. We, the Sound, Light and Media Team here at Glossbrenner have been very blessed and busy. While everyone was quarantined this spring during the pandemic, we were extremely busy.  With the help of the trustees and volunteers, we were able to install a sound system, projector and screen and Wi-Fi in the fellowship hall.  This could have not have been done without the generous support of the congregation. When we asked for donations to achieve this project everyone graciously donated money. Thank You. Now we are able to utilize the fellowship hall for meetings, Sunday School, Movie nights and many more events in the future. Thank you everyone for the donations to make this project possible.




Then in July we started to kick around the idea of our future projects. We had money set aside for a confidence monitor (Tv in back of Sanctuary for people on the stage to see what is on the screen behind them.) We had our Sound company we have been dealing with for over 15 years to come in and give us an estimate.  We also needed a new control panel for the projector since the one we had burnt out.  (This is why the screen was left down for a couple of months.) While they were here, we also asked for quotes on a new laser projector, and digital sound board for future projects to present to the Ad Board. The projector we had was a 2011 model and the bulb was getting weak and people were having a hard time seeing it. The sound board was an analog board with no more room for expansion. Since this was a lot of money, we asked another company to come in and give us a second quote.

At the August Ad board meeting we presented all the quotes. It was noted at the board meeting that there was a CD coming due that would cover this project. After some deliberation, the Ad board voted to proceed with this project.  This is not something we thought going into the meeting would happen.

While this transition was happening, in September we went from recording our worship services on Saturday mornings and uploading them to YouTube to Live streaming on Sunday mornings.  This also took a lot of planning and trial and error to achieve this.

The third week in October the new digital sound board, projector, control panel, and confidence monitor were installed. (Please be patient with us while we learn all the new equipment.) We would like to thank the trustees and volunteers for there help with the install to keep the costs down.  Below is before and after pictures.



Glossbrenner Sound, Light and Media Team