Earth Day

Hello world of Glossbrenner!

Today is April 22nd, known as Earth Day in the USA, and many similar names around the world. This day has always been special to me, but now it is even more special since I became a committed Christian. I don’t preach about Earth Day, but about Creation Care! It was, after all, the very first job God gave us. Look at Genesis chapter 2, verse 15.

So, like I said on Sunday, we can’t make China reduce emissions and we can’t keep the rainforests from being decimated, but we can do something! Last Sunday’s local paper had several good ideas that each of us can work on. What about birds and pollinators? The more birds you have, the less bugs you need to spray to kill. (They make great music too!) Don’t forget the flowers that bring the pollinators. The flowers look beautiful and the bees and such are essential for a healthy planet! Stop using the single use plastic! Don’t wait for a ban on them. Just stop using them now.

The paper said that the average American throws away about 81 pounds of clothes a year! I don’t think I have 81 pounds of clothes in my closet! Can we say Good Will? And recycling? Come on. I read (on the internet) that 94% of Americans think recycling is a good thing, 64% think it should be a high priority, but only 34% actually recycle anything! I’ll make a bold statement here. If your neighborhood doesn’t recycle, bring it to church with you when we meet again on Sundays. We can set up a recycling can for glass, metal, and corrugated cardboard. (Rinse them out first!)  Surely, we can do that. What about a rain barrel for watering the plants? What about more plants? Bird feeders?

If you heard last Sunday’s message, you may remember that I said the two biggest problems in America to day is ignorance and apathy. Glossbrenner, we can’t ignore our Father’s world. Are you with me? Happy Earth Day.