May 2022

From Brian Albert, a servant and pastor of Jesus Christ; to those who through the righteousness of our God and Savior Jesus Christ have received a faith as precious as ours: Grace and peace be yours in abundance through the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord. (1 Peter 1:1)
“April showers bring May flowers.” May flowers bring…. Pilgrims of course. Just remember, before they were Called “Dad” jokes, they were simply known as “Bad” jokes. Bad jokes or not, I thing we can all do with a little more laughter in our lives. I have to keep reminding
myself that life is too short to put up with Debbie Downer and Boohoo Billy. I shouldn’t have to remind you, but they are all over the place. They even snuck into the church. They bring misery and they love company. The glass is half empty and things are worse than you know.
So what if it is half empty? There’s still half a glass of water! And of course, things are worse than we know. All we have to go on is the media. C’mon man. So, the world is going to hell. There is nothing new there if you read your Bible. You already knew that. The waiter said to the horse “Hey buddy, why the long face?” The horse replied “Well, I’m a horse.” What’s your excuse?
Look at it this way: Jesus said that we will always have wars and rumors of wars, but we shouldn’t be alarmed. You know this: Nation against nation, kingdom against kingdom, famines and earthquakes in various places. Sound familiar? Look at Matthew 24: starting at verse 4. Jesus also said his joy will be in us and our joy may be complete. He said we will rejoice and no one will take away our joy. Just look up joy in your Bible! Pretty simple. If you are grateful you won’t
grumble. If you are a grumbler, you are not grateful. Why would you hang out with people
like that? The turkeys will always tell you that you can’t fly. Be an eagle. Life is too short for
that. Amen?
In His service- Pastor Brian

April 2022

In the name of our risen and glorious savior Jesus
Christ, I greet you.
This month, we celebrate something that is unique in all
the world. No other faith can claim to worship a God who is personal,
knowable, wants a relationship with us, who loves us and died for
our shortcomings. Please stop and think about how unique our story
is. (No, seriously. Please stop and consider it. It is huge.) Even our closest
relatives, the Jewish people, are still waiting for that epoch to unfold.
I am afraid that we sometimes become too comfortable with
what we know; the blessings, the security, the assurance of eternal
peace. We could easily forget about all those people, whom we
know and care for, who are faking it. We could forget our blessings if
we listen to the world; the horrific war in Ukraine and the wars waged
by other terrorists, abuse in the newspapers, corruption on the TV media,
gossip and hateful thoughts on the web. (Sometimes it even gets
into church.) In such times, it is a real blessing to remember that
beautiful hymn that says: “This is my Father’s world. O let me ne’er
forget that though the wrong seems oft so strong, He is the ruler yet.”
Can I get an Amen?
This is the month that we celebrate Jesus. He alone claims all the authority
in heaven and on earth. We remember that his earthly trials,
teaching, guidance, his torture, death, and resurrection marked a
turning point in all of human history. You and I simply cannot go on
acting like normal people, if we indeed know this in our heart. Out
goes immorality, enmity, strife, jealousy, disputes, dissentions, factions,
envying. That bitter worldly fruit is replaced with love, joy, peace, patience, kindness,
goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, selfcontrol. You already know this, right? I feel like
Peter when he wrote that he considered it a good thing to stir you up by way of reminding
you, for the time is closer now than it ever was. Let us continue to work while it is still day.
That beautiful hymn also reminds us: “This is my Father’s world: why should my heart be sad? The Lord is King; let the heavens ring! God reigns; let the earth be glad.”
Can I get an Amen? Have a glorious Easter!
In His service- Pastor Brian

March 2022

In the name of Jesus our Lord and savior, I greet you once more. May the love and grace of Jesus carry you through the March winds to refreshing April showers. With Lent around the corner, my pondering went to the final hours before the death of Jesus. When I was reading Matthew, I came across Judas’ remorse. Remember how he threw the money back at the priests? They went out and bought “Potter’s Field”. It was a place of death and final corruption. Suddenly, I thought of another Potter’s Field. Do you remember it from the classic Christmas movie It’s a Wonderful Life? In this classic, the hero, George Bailey, spent his whole life frustrated because he never got to do the big things that meant success. Meanwhile, the villain, Mr. Potter, tries to own everything he can and is frustrated that the Building and Loan is out of reach. Caught in a crisis, George thinks he’s worth more dead than alive. Clarence, the angel (second class), tries to convince George that he had a wonderful life, so a world without George is created. In this different world, there is no Bailey Park, the development of life, family houses, and prosperity. Instead, there is Potter’s Field, a cemetery full of death and corruption. Slowly George begins to see that his life had great value. His little, constant contribution to Bedford Falls kept it beautiful, compared to Potterville, the alternative town of graft and corruption. Spoiler alert, in the end Clarence gets his wings and… well, watch the movie. Here’s the thing. George Bailey and Mr. Potter go on living in Bedford Falls. He never got rid of Mr. Potter and neither will you. We all have a “Mr. Potter” in our lives; an upset, frustrated person who tries to upset and frustrate everyone else. He has power, influence and money. One day he will stand before a man who cares nothing for any of that, and then he will realize just how poor he really is. You – the George Bailey in this story – you need to keep on doing what you do. Quietly lifting other people up, sharing a warm heart of compassion, regularly lending a helping hand, making it a life’s work of helping people, to share the wealth in a spiritual building and loan. Don’t let Mr. Potter get to you. Collectively, all of us George Baileys can make sure this remains a wonderful life. We’ll always have a Mr. Potter. Jesus said the wheat will grow with the tares until harvest time. We can’t change that, but there is something we can do. Don’t let Bailey Park become Potter’s Field. Stay humble! Stay strong! In His service… Pastor Brian