Weekly Sermon Topics

Feb. 14- Transfiguration Sunday; Turning Point

Feb. 21- Countdown Begins; Mark 1:9-15

Feb. 28- First Telling; Setting the Hour; Mark 8:31-38

Mar. 7- Seriously Warned; John 2:13-22

Mar. 14- Judgment Pending; John 3: 14-21

Mar. 21- Countdown Stops; John 12: 20-33

Mar. 28- Palm Sunday

Caring Hands and Hearts Fundraisers

PIE SALE: Plan on serving or taking along a dessert to your
Easter Celebration? Caring Hands & Hearts will be offering
some great tasting 9 inch pies from the Forest View Bakery.
Ordering information will be forthcoming.

SUB “SALE” COUPONS: Caring Hands & Hearts will once
again be selling coupons for the great tasting S. Clyde Weaver
subs. The coupons will be good for the purchase of subs at the
S. Clyde Weaver stores in East Petersburg and on the Lititz
Pike. Look for the details in upcoming bulletin announce-
ments and the March Herald.

Fellowship Team

Saturday, February 20, at 7:00 p.m. 
Showing in February – “UP” is a family friendly Pixar
animation movie about Carl Fredricksen, a 78-year-old balloon
salesman, who is about to fulfill a lifelong dream and a
promise to his wife, Ellie. He ties thousands of balloons to his
house to fly away to Paradise Falls in South America. But
grumpy Carl’s worst nightmare comes true when he discovers
a little boy named Russell, a stowaway aboard the balloon-
powered house and the adventure begins.
It isn’t just about the movie; it’s also about getting together
with your church family and friends to share an evening of fun
and fellowship. So, invite a friend, bring along a comfortable
lawn chair or blanket and pillow and be prepared to enjoy a
family friendly movie in the church fellowship hall. Snacks will
be available. To stay safe, please place your chairs 6 feet from
others, wear a mask when arriving, while talking with others,
and upon leaving. Masks can be removed while watching the
movie. Thank you!


Come experience this virtual event on Friday, March 5 at 7:30
p.m. in the Sanctuary. You will hear the true story of three men,
imprisoned in Sudan, Africa; Turkey, Asia Minor; or Iran, Middle
East. Arrested, Interrogated, Imprisoned, yet faithful to God.
This event is free to you, sponsored by Voice of the Martyrs.