Trip to Israel

We have an updated brochure for our new dates (October 5-14, 2021). Feel free to share this with any friends or family who may want to join us.
Also, I learned that we will be able to do the Cairo extension in October 2021. All of the details are in the attached brochure. I know some of you were really interested in going to Egypt. Any questions please contact Pastor Brian at

Weekly Sermon Topics

May 16, Ascension Sunday

May 23, Pentecost Sunday

May 30, Memorial Day Weekend

June 6- Church Picnic

June 13- All America Sunday (Flag Day is the 14th) Wear Red White, Blue, Patriotic stuff, games?

June 20- Father’s Day

Caring Hands and Hearts Fundraisers

SUB “SALE” COUPONS: Caring Hands & Hearts will once
again be selling coupons for the great tasting S. Clyde Weaver
subs. The coupons will be good for the purchase of subs at the
S. Clyde Weaver stores in East Petersburg and on the Lititz
Pike. Look for the details in upcoming bulletin announce-
ments and the March Herald.

Fellowship Team