Our History

In 1839 a United Brethern class was organized in Springville (now Mount Joy). They met in the home of George Geyer and his wife.  In 1842 they built a church, it was the first United Brethren Church in Lancaster county.  From this church, classes were developed in Lancaster, Ironville, Manheim, and Elizabethtown.

On February 20, 1846, the Pennsylvania Conference met in the small brick church.  Bishop J. T. Glossbrenner presided.  He was from Virginia, and there is a church in Churchville, Virginia near Staunton also named for him.   English was his only language, and he was somewhat embarrassed because most pastors spoke German in this area.  He was pleased that they made him welcome.   In 1860 the Conference convened at Springville and appointed a committee to establish a school in Pennsylvania.  This resulted in 1867 in the chartering of Lebanon Valley College in Annville.

The congregation outgrew the brick church and a concrete block church was built in 1907 at a cost of $3,500.  It was dedicated on December 8, 1907.  It also became to small, and an addition was added in 1937 to increase the Sunday School.   This addition cost $10,172.  J. F. Musselman from this church served as a missionary in Africa.  Rev. H. K. Geyer and Rev. H. C. Kottler entered the ministry from Glossbrenner Church.  Gary Epler, who is presently a minister in the United Methodist Church was nurtured by this congregation.

Our present church was built in 1960 and dedicated on June 4, 1961, under the leadership of Rev. Charles W. Wolfe.